Don’t want to see trafficking

FKK Safari, Fellbach near Stuttgart, Date unknown

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„Well, if you take that perspective, then you should stop visiting brothels altogether. Those boys [pimps] are active in the background all the time. The exceptions where the women are consciously, independently working for their own profit can be counted on the fingers of one hand in every club. If you take an honest look, you’ll also find that there are various forms of pimping, it doesn’t have to be the tattooed buff guy with the big car waiting to pick her up outside the door, but it can well be her family back home whose entire income is dependant on their daughter who is put under immense psychological pressure to ensure continued financial stability. I am aware of all of that and it’s not that I don’t care, but that I expect a club owner to keep this in the background so that the customer is not confronted with this. That certainly did not work out this way at the Safari last Saturday which is why we left.

I can’t save the world or get the women out of their predicament, but I can treat them with respect and I do have empathy for the situation they’re in. The only alternative left is a rejection of the system and to stop participating in all of it. This means instead of paying for sex I’d take my friends to a thermal bath.

I’ve ‚looked behind the scenes‘ for a while now. I understand how the owners run the show and the connections inside the business, so I know the way the media exaggerates the situation, but the thing is that there is just no way to revolutionize and improve the situation. Inside this system the women are the exploited ones most of the time, who sell their body and psyche. That may be due to fake love (loverboy tactic) or because of physical threats (classic pimping). How many young girls proudly bragged to me about their ‚boyfriend‘, who had six side chicks, but they were convinced they were his one and only and that he’d build a life with them in the future blah blah blah – the loverboy tactic is on the rise and women (sadly) keep falling for it. When I try to open their eyes about this it just ends in a fight and in some cases, after some time had passed, and of course their hopes with the guy totally faltered, I could say: ‚See, I told you so‘. 😉

Everyone who seriously does not want to support sexual exploitation in any way, should retire this hobby once and for all. Otherwise just spent your after-work hours observing the women, look how many get picked up in groups by big cars with Eastern-European number plates… or looks for the agency tattoo on their bodies… or look how the women are organized in groups… etc etc etc.“

The owners of the FKK Safari are affiliated with organized criminals, who have been charged with human trafficking, coercion and aggravated assault.

Source: Ladies Forum. Date unknown. Access date unknown.


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