Didn’t wanna drink piss nomore

Street prostitution, Rhur region, 2006

DUM 3.0 (7)

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„Wanted to do something naughty so I called up [madam name censored] and discovered Nirusha*: Pretty short blond hair, very slim, tits A-, face is average, ass small and firm. Stopped, immediately drove off, chatted a bit. She’s from Lithuania, her German is good and her appearance is, I think, submissive. Asked her for her price: She says 20 euros. I ask her what services are included: Blowjob, anal, intercourse. Now that’s some nice low pricing, I think to myself and proceed to ask her if she’d swallow my piss, too. ‚Yeah, no problem‘, she replies. Well, why not invest 20 bucks on that, I think to myself and off we go to the location where the procedure will take place.

Went somewhere into the bushes. Undressed her top and pushed my dick into her mouth. The little girl has got experience. Took a while though till something came. She waited patiently. Then it finally came and she stays all obedient: Gulp, gulp, gulp and choke and she spits her mouth full of piss onto her trousers and then keeps on going. A whole bottle of cola chug-a-lug. And there’s more to go. Grinning. She keeps swallowing. Short break. She says she doesn’t want to drink any more pee. I piss the rest onto the ground and then let her blow me. She sucks at that. Feel more teeth than anything else. Intervened a few times, but she really doesn’t have the skills there.

Tell her I want to fuck her in the ass. She says I can’t, dick’s too big, if I had lube it’d be no problem, but not like this. Oh well, then I fuck her normally. She says (asks): ‚Please use a rubber‘.  I say: ‚I don’t want to‘. That’s where the debate ends. Shagged – nothing special, but was okay, finally sprayed my cum into her mouth at her own request. She spits that out, though. Weird girl. Drinks piss, but won’t swallow protein-containing sperm. Well, whatever. She asks me for an extra 5 bucks. I tell her that she didn’t want no ass fucking, so she’s not getting any. She get’s that.

On the way back she asks about the pricing of the other women. I tell her ‚about 30 euros‘. She’s shocked. So much money. I relativize: ‚Yeah, but I fuck them twice for that price. Can’t spoil the women too much.‘ I ask if there’s an apartment brothel I can visit her at. ‚Yeah, no problem.‘ Get in touch with [madam name censored]. I ask if 60 to 70 euros would be alright. She says: ‚Yeah‘. That’s alright for a sleep-over date. We’ll see. What the hell do you do with a girl like that for a whole night?“

*Name changed

Source: AO Huren Forum. 17.12.2006. Access date unknown.

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