Distribution-station for Eastern-European new arrivals

Schwalmtaler Hof, Waldniel near Viersen/Mönchengladbach, 2005

indexZz Deutsch

„[…] The Schwalmtaler Hof hotel reminds you of a run-down tavern. Upon entering the house you find yourself in a pub. The ambience is that of a shabby village pub. Slot machines on the wall. Men sit around in front of the slot machines or at tables and stare into their drinks. Besides them there’s about 12 to 15 young Eastern European women in the pub. Most of them are from Romania and Bulgaria. The women are new to Germany. The Schwalmtaler Hof hotel is just their first station on a path through the brothels of Germany.

The women sit together in small groups, chatting amongst themselves. The women don’t approach you. Looking intently at them doesn’t work either. You have to approach the women. The prices are fixed. Half an hour is X euros. One hour is X. Up to now I’ve only ever tried the half-hour. A full hour with a woman I can’t talk to is just too long. The rooms are okay. This place used to be an actual hotel after all. Every room has a shower and some clean towels of course.

The women on offer there change fast. No need to remember their names. If you follow your intuition you can get half an hour of nice girlfriend-sex for X bucks there. By now I make sure to stop there everytime I’m on my way to Mönchengladbach . Sometimes the choice of women is limited, sometimes there aren’t any interesting ones around. But mostly it’s very satisfying. I found a young pretty woman there who gives good service. Condomless oral is standard. A few weeks later you meet completely new faces. Maybe the Schwalmtaler Hof hotel is the distributing station for new arrivals from Eastern Europe?“

The Schwalmtaler Hof has over the years on multiple occasions been identified as a location for sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, including the trafficking and sexual abuse of minors. The brothel has since had to close.

Source: Hurentest. 2005. Accessed 15.09.2018.


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