Lay there stiffly enduring it

Apartment brothel, Cottbus, 2018

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„Cause the lady was new in Cottbus I decided to pay her a visit today. Before I tell you more: The online pics have little to do with reality, but she still looks fairly decent in lingerie, so I went for 60 minutes for X euros. After I showered and she had also went to wash herself she entered the room naked. Well, I had already paid, so I couldn’t just get up and leave. She didn’t look too bad, just her little boobs that sagged quite a bit. Only figured out her age after we had already negotiated prices. She now tells me that she’s over 40.

But now about the actual action: You could tell that she was new to this or that she doesn’t do it a lot. She was hesitant performing the blowjob and after she was done she got right on top of me. She hesitantly directed the rhythm. When I then wanted to thrust harder into her, she told me that I was hurting her, so we again changed our position. So we went into missionary, though there, too, she lay there stiffly and just endured the whole thing.

Eventually I came into the rubber and the got a massage which basically consisted of her hands stroking my back with zero pressure. Then decided to go for a second round of riding, where I stopped being active and let her dictate the rhythm and to my surprise she had an orgasm, which really shocked me considering the first round. Maybe cowgirl is her favorite position and she expects the customer to not participate actively. Won’t be doing that again for sure.“

Source: Ladies Forum. 16.07.2018. Accessed 15.09.2018.

Cottbus 2018 Ladies Forum

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