Job fucks her up inside


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„I don’t really get the combination of ‚job is annoying – service is good‘, but rather a level up from that ‚the job is destroying me – service is good‘. I had a hunch from the classic symptoms of well, the facial expressions, the quick leaving of the bed and running into the shower, etc., but only really registered it when the women told me directly. She made comments like ‚this fucks me up in the head‘ or, that she can only do the job for a couple of weeks and then needs really long breaks in order not to break. Both comments came from ladies who gave good if not excellent service.

With heavy heart I consequently decided to stop visiting both ladies, but to not write any posts about it, because… I don’t want the women to suffer as a consequences of my actions and sexual needs. Also I can’t really relax, if I keep thinking in the back of my mind that she might be disgusted by me (am I exaggerating?)… I however still think that it’s her responsibility, if she puts ‚herself‘ on offer and I try to not to make her trade any more difficult than it already is.“

Source: Ladies Forum. 16.07.2017. Accessed 20.07.2018.

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