Gypsies: Hot bodies, no manners

Apartment brothel, Einbeck, 2017


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„Wismar – horny anal-slut Yulia* 21-years-old: Total and complete rip-off. Sadly that’s what I have to report. Really took a detour to visit this lady. Phoned the place three times, asked for prices and negotiated the service. Once I arrived I was suddenly told to pay X instead of X euros for 1 hour including anal. So I booked half an hour including anal for X euros. That half-hour included me using the shower and toilet, which I practically had to beg and then wait for, because all were occupied. The blanket had been used multiple times, no new sheets to be had either.

Puts the condom on one flaccid penis, starts sucking apathetically. During the fucking I smelled some nasty odors emerging from her fanny. During the anal I pushed her down and pinched her buttocks. While that was going on she answered her phone to talk to another client. After she told me to hurry, because she had to go to sleep. And afterwards she of course tried to get extra payment and maybe get an hourly extension for some more bad service.

Because her – mildly put – weird attitude lead to a fight, she went to get her boyfriend. He had been sitting next door. So be careful, cuz that can end bad. I think the language she speaks is Ukrainian. Certainly wasn’t Russian. Seems to me that she’s a gypsy. Yulia (or sometimes called Jessica) really has one hot body. But that’s it. No matters. No willingness to provide service, lacks hygiene.

I’ve had a lot worse. But Yulia’s service certainly is bottom of the pile. By the way: I had met her Saturday night in Einbeck in Niedersachsen. The fact that I found her ads on Sunday in Wismar tells you a lot. It shows you the mobility of these gypsies.“

*Name changed

Source: Ladies Forum. 01.10.2017. Accessed 14.09.2018.

Wismar 2017 terminwohnung ladies de

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