She’s prostituting for her son

Schwalmtaler Hof, Waldnei near Viersen, 2005

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„Yesterday the time had come for me to explore the tavern. On the parking lot I noticed eight veehicely, including a BMW-X5 with french licensing, next to which I parked my car (in case I had to make an escape), where there sat a strange guy. No idea what he was doing there. The doorbell didn’t need ringing, one could just walk in. In the room opposite to the door sat a man at a desk, whom I asked for directions. He told me to go straight and then turn left. That’s how I found myself in the pub area at the bar counter. At a table inside the pub sat a blondie and a heavy black (not my type, anyways) and the madam appeared behind the counter (with a band-aid on her throat) to inform be about the prices (half-hour = 60 euros, one hour = 100 euros). She told me that only two girls were free and that both didn’t speak German, but only Spanish.

She probably meant the black one in regards to Spanish. Because the little blondie had gotten up to approach me and threw herself around my neck, while pressing her boobs up against me. There was no escaping this now. She had a friendly face with beautiful eyes, this Dalia* from Lithuania. Finally agreed on half an hour with her. She took the dough and we went up the stairs to her room. The guestrooms of the tavern serve as private rooms.

While walking up the stairs I already noticed that she wasn’t quite sober, because she was wobbeling a bit… Once in the private room she pushed me down on the bed, sat on top of me and started french kissing and cuddeling me, then took of her top and handed over her breasts to me which without a bra start sagging a bit. I wasn’t quite undressed and had the 30 minute window at the back of my mind, wondering if this might turn into a rip-off or such. I managed to get out of my clothes by ymself and to rid her off her pants, shoes and everything else. On it went with kissing, tit licking, and then it was time for her to give me a blowjob.

To make a long story short: I was inside her without a rubber on at some point, when she was on top of me. Really pulled the emergancy break there and had her finish by blowing me (she swallowed everything). She stayed in bed, I went to wash myself and when I came back she had fallen asleep underneath the blanket. From her quick short breath I could tell that she probably had drunk too much. Because there was still time I left I lay down next to her and treated her to some cuddeling. She woke up, looked at me without saying a word and then cuddled closer. I had kept an eye on the clock, but no one came to knock and Dalia apparently did not feel like welcoming any more customers, so there was no time pressure. I might have stayed with her the whole night. I finally got dressed and woke her before I left. She unlocked the door and pushed herself against me, kissing me and I again looked into her beautiful face with those deep bright eyes. Beautiful. I took the stairs down alone and left the Schwalmtaler Hof with a weird feeling: On the nightstand by her bed side where several photos of her son for whose sake she is probably prostituting… Shit.“

The Schwalmtaler Hof has over the years on multiple occasions been identified as a location for sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, including the trafficking and sexual abuse of minors. The brothel has since had to close.

Source: Tabulos Forum. 12.11.2005. Access date unknown.

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