Normal women forming an anti-sex-cartell


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Citation: „Does the Lusthaus [punter forum] diminsh the satisfaction of your sex life?“

Answer: „Definite No. Lusthaus is like a good cooking show: It has broadened my horizion and put me in touch with other free thinkers. The fact that it sometimes seemed like I had sex addiction, is true. But today I know that my appetite is normal (sometimes that appetite just get’s bigger) and then there are times when I don’t need it at all. I just listen to my ‚hunger‘ and never ‚eat‘ if there’s no appetite.

What’s not normal is that in our local culture there’s an increase of ’normal‘, ‚civic‘ women who are like an anti-sex cartell or something. Other cultures aren’t like that and the fact of that really hits you, if you’ve spent a lot of time abroad.“

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 26.10.2015. Accessed 14.08.2018.

anti feminist lusthaus.PNG

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