She couldn’t pull legs together

Apartment Brothel, Rathenow, 2018


indexZz Deutsch

„Just visited her.. negotiated upfront via telephone. She tried to talk me into a threesome, but I refused. The door was opened by a very young and attractive little woman… was positively surprised… because online her face had been blurred out. Decided on half an hour for X euros. Quickly into the bathroom then on to the bedroom. Well, the place has seen better times for sure. 😀 She got undressed. Wow. I reckon her body size is 32/34 and her breasts are 65/70 B/C. Well-shaped natural breasts. I reckon she might be even younger than 21. Not a gram of fat on that body as far as I could see. Nice firm buttocks.

Well, onto the bed we went. The telephone rang and she answered. Talked to a woman. Probably a colleague who works in the adjacent apartment brothel. Talked for 2-3 minutes in her language. She apologized for it. After putting the rubber on she starts sucking, but barely uses her lips. A few minutes later she asks if she can gen on top now… Very tight but deep pussy, surprising for such a petite figure. Short bit of cow girl with fake moaning moved into doggy. Didn’t last long. Must have been too deep for her… put her into missionary and then really went for it… held her down nicely so she couldn’t pull her legs together. 😀

After I came she let me thrust two more times and then moved away… Had to clean up by myself. She disappeared into the bathroom. Got dressed, said goodbye and left… Was out after only 20 minutes. Conclusion: Inexperienced, but her body is excellent and alright for letting off steam.“

Source: Ladies Forum. 08.05.2018. Accessed 15.09.2018.

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