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Reacting to a news article about a punter who attempted to abuse a girl and was consequently robbed by her pimp, one punter writes:

„To be honest, I reckon this could happen to a bunch of punters round here. How the hell is he supposed to know that she’s a minor? Maybe she wrote/said that she was 18?! And meeting outdoors in the park or woods during the warm season isn’t uncommon and it’s pretty hot, no? About the money, I gotta agree with [username censored], it makes sense not to carry too much money, as this also prevents the whore from asking for additional payments after the deed is done. And I can only emphasize once again, that you gotta be careful with new whores (although you wanna try them out), make sure to read reviews first and exchange experiences with other punters on forums, so that you filter out the rip-offs and scammers.“

Source: Tabulos Forum. 07.08.2015. Accessed 17.08.2018.

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