She wanted me gone fast

Apartment brothel, Bremen, 2017


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„Claire* – total let down: Went to see Claire a few days ago. My favorite lady was occupied, so I rang the bell at Claire’s door and she was free to take me. Wasn’t entirely sure if I should stay, since she’s not really my type (too thin and not very attractive), but the pressure was high… Agreed on X euros for half an hour and I hurried into the bathroom… Went I returned to her room, she was already on the bed – naked. Too bad, I enjoy undressing a woman.

I lay down next to her and she immediately started wanking me off, hectically and with no emotion, even hurt a bit. I hadn’t even gotten it up half-way when she put a rubber on and started sucking. At that point I already really got the feeling that she wanted me out the door as soon as possible… The blowjob was rather bad and she used her hands too much, but since I had come all horny I did get a stiffy eventually… Proceeded to fuck her in missionary and after 5 minutes she seriously interrupts and says I’m hurting her and that I’m too big (total lie) and if she can finish me off with a handjob!! Are you kidding me!!?

I tell her how unfair that is and that I am at least owed a second sex position… she agreed and so I got another shot at it now in doggy… But again she couldn’t get it over with fast enough so every 30 seconds she was telling me ‚Come now, come now, come now‘!! What a turn-off!!! After two minutes I was all ‚deflated‘ and knew that there wasn’t going to be happy ending to be had here… So I got dressed and got the hell out of there. Conclusion: Bad service all focused on getting you to finish asap. No girlfriend-sex feeling at all. Won’t be doing that again for certain!“

*Name changed

Source: Ladies Forum. 31.08.2017. Accessed 15.09.2018.

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