Take anything with a pulse


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„Origin of the sex service provider: Generally I’d say: God made a plug for man – and it fits worlwide! Over the years my tastes have varied. I used to take anything with a pulse. Then Africa – the blacker the better. Then I had an Asia phase. Then Eastern Europe. Took a while before I took a liking to Latinas. Then enjoyed the MILF* factor for a bit, followed by young optic-fuck girls. Right now it’s just like at the start of my punting career – whatever’s on offer. Biggest influence is my location. So I’m careful with brothels with Eastern Europeans/optic-fucks – they are (too often) just rip-off-cunts.“

*MILF = Mothers I’d Like (To) Fuck, middle-aged women

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 23.02.2018. Accessed 14.08.2018.racist lusthaus xxx

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