No feeling, no enthusiasm, nothing

Apartment brothel, Rostock, 2016


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„Today I visited Amalia* again. Sadly she was there!!! When I opened the door, I thought I was at the wrong place… no. A young woman, very slim and very small opened. 1,50 m maximum. For a second there I thought it was kid, but not long. Her face is a bit older… I contemplated for a bit and unfortunately decided to go in. When I look at the photos now I can see something was off… different body and different face… or just a different woman. Her ad said… 100 euros 1 hour all-inclusive… okay.

But unfortunately it all went wrong… 30 seconds of very fast masturbation. Oral without a condom, but also very fast. Put rubber on with immense speed… then after 5 minutes… I told her ‚Slow down‘ 😀 😀 😀 ‚We got time‘. And then some nice little body-back-massage… with rubber. 😀 5 minutes. Again she was face and that wasn’t a proper massage… Just her hands on my back… no feeling… After 5 minutes… had sex again… and finished. Instead of 1 hour I only stayed 20 minutes!!! I was so sick of her… Bye bye. Everything had to be fast, fast, fast… No emotion, no lust, nothing, nothing, nothing. This woman is from Greece… not Italy and her German is very very bad. You can forget the following things with her: French kissing, cuddling, body kisses, anal, anal tongue, anal fingering, gang bang, nut licking, [….] etc… etc…“

*Name changed

Source: Ladies Forum. 20.10.2016. Accessed 12.08.2018.

Terminwohnung Roststock 2016 Ladies Forum

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