She’s glad when it’s done

Chateau, Göttingen, 2013


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„So I gotta agree with [username censored] in his assessment of this place. Oh, [username censored], the lady’s name really is Vivian* and in my experience, too, she does her job without an ounce of feeling to it and is glad when the milking process has been successfully completed. Then she get’s dressed in a flash and disappears into the bar room. No such thing as after sex talk, nevermind some cuddling. Might as well fuck a knothole… At least that won’t disappear on you right after.

The changing rooms and the ‚free showers‘ enable any passersby (including delivery men) to see you naked, which takes some getting used to. The food on offer has its limits. In my opinion McDonald’s is five-star-restaurant in comparison. There’s always something to eat there, but it doesn’t exactly get you hyped, once you’ve tried a few things.

The girls there give you the impression, that they’re almost forcing themselves on you. Following the motto of: ‚Not it’s my turn to milk you, dear customer, for what you’re worth, so I’m gonna sit myself down next to you, right?‘ And whenever one of them is busy with a client at the bar, all the other girls stand or sit around ‚chatting‘ amongst themselves, probably talking about their latest bit of shopping (in Romanian – just my interpretation of what they might be saying). This means the place has the erotic atmosphere of a hospital lamp. And that fucking Romanian pop music. That’s really hard on our central European ears.“

*Name changed

Source: Ladies Forum. 17.11.2013. Accessed 14.08.2018.

Chateau Göttingen 2013 Ladies Forum

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