All the girls have backpain

Chateau, Göttingen, 2014


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„Only Felina* was able to improve my mood and we had quite some fun in her room. However, like all the girls there, Felina has back pain. Was also only allowed to touch her at a few places. Her incredible body compensated that. At around 3 p.m. I had spent all of my three chips and decided to go home.

At this point I really want the brothel owners and girls to know something, if they’re reading these reviews at all: So girls, the men who come to visit you do not want a woman who just lies there, uninterested and who expects everything to be over after a few minutes. If you sit down with a man, you have to be prepared to give him a show, which makes him feel that you’re into him. Only then will he return as you wish. Otherwise it’s a waste of your efforts and the customer will not visit again.“ 😦

*Name changed

Source: Ladies Forum. 2014. Accessed 14.08.2018.

Chateau Göttingen 2014 Ladies Forum

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