Sprayed my load into her sperm-coffin

Apartment brothel, Kassel, 2012


indexZz Deutsch

„[…] Okay, so back in the room it started out all gently with cajoling, kisses and small, cheeky finger games. She then let me wait a bit in order to get a rubber, which she proceeded to put on my lance. Followed by a nice porn-like blowjob, where she kept locking eyes with me from below. Really hot. Then went onto the bed for missionary. She put lube on her drill hole and off we went. She put her legs really far back so I could get in real deep. Shortly before the finish(ing) I thought: ‚No, let’s not let it end like this‘. So I went into doggy, kneading her wonderful c-cup-titties along the way and caracho. After seeing her behind I just couldn’t hold it back anymore – I hammered real hard (was a bit scared she might hit her head on the wall) and then sprayed a huge load into that sperm-coffin. Slow jerking till the end wasn’t a problem, then undocked, she smiled at me, handing me a tissue, then a wet towel – oh well. […]“

Source: Ladies Forum. 2012. Accessed 16.08.2018.Ladies Kassel

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