Rip-off-cunt-whore-roundtrip: Robot, sahara-snatch, insults, cum-spraying

Apartment brothel, Nuremberg, 2017


indexZz Deutsch

„Went on Nuremberg whore round trip, without success! 😡 Hello community, I’m here to quickly tell you about my failure of a day as it relates to condomless punting.

  1. stop was Vanessa* at the [address censored]. The review of her I had found on this forum had scarce information, but was in no way negative. So after I handed over the money Vanessa went right into robot-mode and the program she pulled wasn’t at all nice. We had intercourse eventually, but if I came close to any other body part except the…, she reacted with disgust and told me she didn’t want that. Her snatch felt weird, too: Instead of an over the top lube lake it was like the Sahara desert. So I chose not finish there, but to unload myself some place else.
  2. stop, same address, apartment [nr censored] I think, where I saw Melanie*. There’s only one word befitting that trollop: Rip-off-cunt, rip-off-cunt, rip-off-cunt!!! After I paid she suddenly refused rubberless sex, started insulting me in a language I couldn’t understand, but after I got really loud myself, and I mean really loud, she at least gave me back my dough.
  3. stop was Nova* at [address censored], who seemed nice enough, but here, too, the atmosphere changed dramatically just shortly. After what felt like 5 minutes (of the 30 that I had booked) she said: ‚Sweetie, don’t stop [thrusting], come on, keep fucking, spray your load…“ That put an end to my hard-on right then and there. Demotivated I sprayed my cum onto her belly. While walking out, I would have loved to [i.e. burn the place down]…

Conclusion: 3 (!!!) attempts, all of them rip-off-cunts and no fun to be had!!!“

*Names changed

Source: AO Huren Forum. 25.04.2017. Accessed 19.08.2018.AO Huren Nürnberg Abzockfotzen

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