Pumped my descendants into her

Apartment brothel, Göttingen, 2016


indexZz Deutsch

„Three-hole-no-condoms Lillyana* [address censored]: Went to see Lillyana last Wednesday, location is well-known. Would have preferred Dori*, but she wasn’t in Göttingen at the time. So I booked Lillyana for an hour for X euros ordering condomless sex and firing inside. She knows how to kiss, fondles you well and then I put it in her hole in missionary, then I requested doggy and put it in her anal hole without a condom and after some time, a few position changes, I pumped my descendants right into her ass. Wanted to use the last minutes after the massage to deposit some more descendants into her other entryway, but my little friend wouldn’t comply. Lillyana isn’t really my type anyway, just wanted to blow off some steam and do it without a condom on. Should have booked half an hour and then gone to the Villa Göttingen afterwards, but nevermind.“

*Names changed

Source: AO Huren Forum. 01.01.2016. Accessed 17.08.2018.AO Hüren Göttingen pumpen

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