Gypsy hookers have to work


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Citation: „I’ve never visited one of those Eastern Block hookers and never will – on principle.“

Reply: „I’ve stopped visiting Eastern Block hookers these past few months. Saw a lot of stuff there and experienced it myself, just like @[Username censored]. That’s no way to do things. Many on this forum like going to those Eastern Block or Romani gypsy hookers, because many offer sex without condoms. But what’s behind all that, why they do it or have to do it, none of us will ever know, because they just keep lying to you. I’ve seen quite a lot of dodgy stuff at Hotel Türmle for example and been hearing about it, not just on this forum, which I really don’t agree with, as to why the women do this job and under what circumstances. But everyone’s gotta know for themselves what he’s prepared to be involved in.“

Source: AO Huren Forum. 08.07.2014. Accessed 23.08.2018.AO Huren Freier wissen Bescheid über Armut und MEnschenhandel3

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