Afterwards she’s like a corpse

Saunaclub Magnum, Erkrath near Köln/Düsseldorf, 2016

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„Couldn’t be any more disgusting. Those are not FKK women. That Lilis* – supposedly from Greece – was the last one I saw. She smiles before going into the private room, but afterwards she’s like a corpse. Zero service.

Do not go there. The club is disgusting. The women treat it like a mechanical process. You’ll regret not taking my advise. This is the worst place in all of Germany. Not worth your money. The morale of the personnel is deteriorating. That Lilis is all friendly, until you get into the awful rooms. Afterwards her face is like a funeral.“

*Name changed

In 2016 human trafficking was found inside the Saunaclub Magnum. The brothel remains open.

Source: Google Maps. 2016. Accessed 23.08.2018.

Saunaclub Magnum bei Köln 2016 Leiche

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