She keeps consenting to anything

Apartment brothel, Kassel, 2014


indexZz Deutsch

„Went there these days. Wouldn’t really agree with the reviews on here. I decided on 30 minutes for X euros. The service was okay, little bit of dick sucking (not particularly skilled), then doggy and then missionary. Was okay. Sadly she speaks little to no German. I think that’s one of the reasons why she keeps consenting to any odd thing. ‚Can I do this?‘ ‚Yeah, yeah, yeah.‘ ‚Can I do that?‘ ‚Yeah, yeah, yeah.‘ So basically you can give anything a try. I’m sure she’ll speak up before a boundary get’s crossed. You get no kisses though. Her figure is great. Beautiful firm breasts. Face wasn’t my type though. Maybe it was just too late in the day. So in my case… won’t be visiting again. My conclusion: So-so. But go ahead and form your own opinion.“

Source: Ladies Forum. 29.08.2014. Accessed 19.08.2018.AO Huren lässt alles machen spricht kein deutsch kassel

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