She’s apathetic, I’m so pissed

Apartment brothel, Chemnitz, 2017


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„Agreed on X euros for 60 minutes with no condom light. After handing over the money she was all apathetic and kept asking for extra payment. Decided to stop after 20 minutes, because she was being a total pain in the ass. She looks nice, but that’s it. Had a similar experience the day before and I’m so pissed! She said she wants to go to Switzerland to work there. She’s gotta be careful with that kind of service she’s providing, because if I had paid more, I might have really lost my cool.“

Sex buyers have murdered prostituted women for not complying with their demands. Many examples of this continuing to happen under legalization and in legal prostitution establishments are found here.

Source: AO Huren Forum. 03.03.2017. Accessed 17.08.2018.

AO Huren Chemnitz lustlos

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