Fuck up one little baby

Showpark, Prag, Date unknown

Russland eng

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Following are excerpts from a public Facebook thread where a Swedish sex buyer argues and harasses a woman who exited prostitution and now advocates for abolition. In Sweden sex buying is illegal and has been since 1999. Worried about arrest in their home countries, those Swedish men who still choose to buy sexual access to prostituted women, tend to go abroad.

Sex buyer: „We have direct flights from Stockholm to Prague. Where it is also totally legal to buy sex. X dollars… best place is Prague. Best place is Showpark. 70 rooms. 70+ girls. You can choose whichever photo model from random Eastern European country. 🙂 They even have a bar. It is nice. So, you can fuck up one little baby. 18 years old. Then take a beer. Then choose another little baby. […]

[Cites misogynistic lyrics about ejaculating into women’s mouths.] But yes, [I] remember little Ekaterina*. [She] try to sell her virginity. LOVE it! But otherwise… not difficult. You can add X dollars for anal sex. [Quotes misogynistic lyrics about raping women.] 🙂 […] Yes… Ekaterina was (is) 16 and lives in a boring city in Russia. In the end we did not meet, but really enjoyed talking to her. I guess it makes me evil „because you are older“… Oh, such an argument. Maybe we should allow only people born in the same year or better the same month… to talk to each other. […]“

Exited woman: „Somewhere in this thread you wrote she was ‚trying to sell (!) you her virginity‘ – so don’t lie.“

Sex buyer: „Yes, that is right. But she was the one that made the suggestion. I did not ask her. […] No she basically offered me. We were talking about having sex, if I arrive, etc…. „exploit“…Yes… only allow people same age to talk. It is legal in Russia from 16 to have sex. So, [I] did nothing wrong here, talking to her. […] I did not say I answered [that] I was interested and in this case I was not, because even if it is legal to have sex with 16-year-old in Russia, as I mentioned… you can still get tons of problems… brother… father… police wanting bribes, etc. So in the end I never visited her. But really enjoyed talking to her.“

[Some more conversation.]

Sex buyer [addressing the exited woman]: „Maybe I should put your personal photos on my Ukrainian dating site without your permission? As well as creating a profile on mamba.ru and many more sites, saying you look for a sponsor? And I know you will not contact the police… because you already implied on doing something illegal yourself… bitch.“

*Name changed

Source: Facebook. 2018. Accessed 08.10.2018.


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