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„What punter…? So a man, who takes what he needs, neither acts a fool for lesbians nor the emancipation-mafia, nor for a bitchy missus who just keeps getting uglier, so this guy would let a random somebody patronize him? In the red light milieu you gotta take emotions out of the equation without loosing your humanity. My regular service providers all know that if they got any problems and really need help I’ll be there for them. Just the usual problems… bad work, customers with no respect, Mrs. Merkel’s guests* laying siege to the train station district, fighting with their scummy boyfriend, etc. I don’t wanna hear it. I’m not making that any of my business.

The red light district around the train station is a ghetto, that’s how it is… lowest level in the industry. Most women only still work there, because they’d earn absolutely nothing elsewhere and they’ve put down roots in the area. What woman who respects herself or what kind of guy who respects his gal will sell his missus off as a 20, 25, 30 buck whore, who has to jack off +- 20 mostly Muslim migrants and asylum-demanders? Although the 30 euro places do kind of sort out that clientele.“

Source: Facebook. Date unknown. Access date unknown.

*refering to North-African/middle eastern refugees and immigrants

Facebook, 2017, 2

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