Picture something with a junkie-gal

Kurfürstenstraße, Berlin, 2017


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Citation: „Her hands don’t look so healthy. Would scare me off, nevermind that I need to picture something else in my mind when I’m doing it with such an anorexic-looking gal.“

Reply: „Of course she’s looking sick and her arms show she’s shooting drugs. It’s important to note however, that everyone has their own preferences and that banging a junkie is just some people’s kink. She’s really friendly though and her blowjobs are good. She’s the only one on that street, who ever agreed to blow me in a car and then swallowed in there, too. Had her about three years ago or so. Since then she’s kept getting thinner and thinner and I’ve kept my hands off her. I hope she’s doing well. Keep us informed. I’ll keep my eyes open and will report back.“

The profile picture of this sex buyer shows a close-up of a vagina being penetrated by a penis.

Source: AO Huren Forum. 15.03.2017. Accessed 19.10.2018.

Kurfürstenstraße, Berlin, AO Huren

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