No verbal exchange with girls

Hotcats Club, Wuppertal, 2017


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„Been to the Hotcats Club a few times by now. Didn’t always go into a private room, but there’s a reason for that. Sadly with this place there’s more than meets the eye. Although the website claims otherwise, me or us, whenever I take a colleague of mine with me, have never been offered a drink. Instead you get send into a small room, get to shake the hands of the girls and then are supposed to decide instantly what risks you’re willing to take picking one for a private session… There’s no verbal exchange with the women… Probably because they don’t really understand [any German] and that really creates the first problem. How can you make requests or negotiate when the woman can’t understand you? Why is the bar central to all promotional images, but the customers never get to see it to maybe exchange a few words with the women before the deed is done? Everything feels forced and has to be done quickly. It would also be nice if there’d be some German women working there in the future. All in all grade D, similar to Club 165, just more expensive. The other place is cheaper, but considering the degree of comfort and relaxation it’s about the same.“

Source: Google Maps. 2017. Accessed 14.08.2018.

Hotcats Club Wuppertal2.PNG

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