Don’t believe girls enjoy work


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Replying to an open letter by a woman who had exited prostitution one sex buyer writes: 

„Whether it’s fake or not… it may well be true, that a lot of girls think this way about their customers. If that’s the case, they’re sure not going to show us how they really feel – acting talents are common amongst these gals… The mind is free, no one can tell how they really feel and… I don’t really want to know what the girl is honestly thinking, when I turn up at her doorstep… Not even I believe that even a – how d’you say –  naturally horny and nymphomaniac girl truly enjoys her literally ‚very full workday’… and well, then that text isn’t so far off after all…“

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 18.01.2015. Accessed 23.08.2018.

Lusthaus Antwort auf Text von Denmark survivor

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