Lazy women want your money

3-Farben-Haus, Stuttgart, 2018


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„Unfortunately, currently I can’t recommend this place to anyone, especially if you’re new to paysex and don’t yet know the ins and outs. In the past 3 months every experience I had there was infuriatingly poor service – I’m talking rock bottom. Just a year ago that place was totally different, there were different women there then. To sum it up: If you go for X euro number (which btw, can pay for an excellent meal at a steak restaurant, just for those of you who will claim that this is not a lot of money) you really notice that the women, especially those from the Caribbean and South America (prime example [location censored], service provider Angeli* from Venezuela), but also those from Eastern Europe (especially Bulgaria), that all they really wanna do is get your money, but not provide any service. It’s like they don’t think this is a lot of money. Those lazy women should really try themselves at retail or such, to really understand how much you have to work for X euros net.

They try getting things over with really fast, they don’t go in for the full 20 minutes, and to top it all off many of them get really rude, too. There are a few note-worthy exceptions, but generally what I’ve described above is really becoming the norm. Additionally the brothel is very old (from the 50s) and simply run-down. The private rooms resemble a flophouse, the tap water comes in poor trickles rather than runs… Nothing for the faint-of-heart gentleman. I won’t be coming back to that place. Also it seems that there are more entirely unattractive, overweight women there, where one really has to ask oneself how they manage to pay the high daily rent for the rooms for weeks and months at a time. Or one has to ask oneself how many men can have such low expectations and be so numb to pain.”

*name changed

2010 a prostituted woman was raped by sex buyer inside the Dreifarbenhaus. 2016 a pimp exploited and severely abused three women – one of them prostituted inside the Dreifarbenhaus. In 2018 a sex buyer tried to murder a pimp inside the Dreifarbenhaus.

Source: Google Maps. 2018. Accessed 18.10.2018.

3 Farben Haus Stuttgart 2018 2


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