Women out of drug rehab

3-Farben-Haus, Stuttgart, 2018


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„When you enter the place, you find yourself on what looks like a Bulgarian highway, because it’s all covered in dirt. Most of the women there look like they’ve just come out of drug rehab. Someone has got to call the repairman, because the place is going to collapse in on itself any day now.“

2010 a prostituted woman was raped by sex buyer inside the Dreifarbenhaus. 2016 a pimp exploited and severely abused three women – one of them prostituted inside the Dreifarbenhaus. In 2018 a sex buyer tried to murder a pimp inside the Dreifarbenhaus.

Source: Google Maps. 2018. Accessed 22.10.2018.

3 Farben Haus Stuttgart 2018

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