Answered her cellphone during fucking

FKK World, Pohlheim near Gießen, 2007


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„Reporting a new flop at the FKK World: Alara*. Visited Pohlheim again after having been gone a while. The situation there used to be really bad, especially around New Year’s, it has since improved somewhat, but the place is still missing several of its Top-Girls. During the whole day there were considerably more women in the club than customers. This didn’t change significantly as the evening approached. Unfortunately I really have to warn you about a massive flop amongst the new faces at the FKK World: Alara, about 20 years of age, slim, A-Cups, brunette, medium-length hair, good teen-like-figure. From ‚Italy’… Must have been the absolute worst performance I’ve been served at the FKK World ever. After we went to a private room she disappeared quickly for some pretentious reason and made me wait a whole 7 minutes for her return. The she said: ‚I’m new and not a pro!‘ I should have stopped the whole thing right there.

But I thought she was just being coquettish, but that was a total understatement: No french kissing, no kissing at all. Total shock in reaction to request for fellatio without a condom (‚The other women do that!?‘), followed by some bad fucking with a rubber on, after she struggled to even get the condom out of its package. After a short period of time she switched up to a badly done handjob. The whole time she was either giggling or babbling barely comprehensible nonsense. Along the lines of: ‚Yeah, I want orgasm with you!‘ and shortly after: ‚No, no more licking! I had three orgasm today and I don’t want another!‘ And yeah – during the whole ordeal she actually took out and answered her cellphone… At that point I was really fucking done with her. Chances of me visiting again: -1000%.“

*Name altered.

Source: Römer Forum. 2007. Access date unknown.

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