Women prostitute for loan sharks

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„Do you guys believe the stories hookers tell you? I used to go to brothels a lot and usually booked an hour with a hooker, which would of course lead to after-sex-talk. Many Romanian and Bulgarian hookers would tell me that they only do this job, so that they can pay off an apartment or a house back in their home country and they want to do this as fast as possible, because there are no jobs available back home.

Some of these stories are true, I think, because an older very close Bulgarian friend of mine told me how the husbands of these women borrow money in their home country or take some sort of dubious loan, whatever as long as its money, and the women are then more or less used as a deposit and have to earn back the money via prostitution to pay back the loan sharks, which I think is straight-up pimping.

No one asks these women if they want to do this, all that matters is that their husband and families receive some money back home and that the woman pays of the credit by way of prostitution. And these loan sharks are really strict: If the loans aren’t paid back in full amount on time, the families have to send their kids, as long as they’re 18, into street prostitution to pay off the debts of their husbands or fathers.

A lot of hookers keep telling me: They got no money, their families and kids are hungry back home and they have no husband or pimp, they just do this to feed their families, but my Bulgarian friend always says, that behind 95% of hookers there’s a guy – guys in the background, who tell the women what to say – what they’re allowed to do and what they’re not allowed to do and this just keeps getting worse with the Romanian and Bulgarian mafia in Germany.“

Source: AO Huren Forum. 08.07.2018. Accessed 23.08.2018.AO Huren Freier wissen Bescheid über Armut und MEnschenhandel

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