Passive and lacked all enthusiasm

Apartment brothel, Hannover, 2013


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„Hannover – Top-Trans Venus* from Brazil – pack of lies – total flop. Hello dear community, I just went to see ‚Top-Trans Venus from Brazil‘ whose available in Hannover right now. Agreed on half an hour for X euros via telephone. While on the phone I explicitly asked if she does french kissing as her profile claims; she said yes. When I was at her place and had handed over the X bucks though she suddenly didn’t want any french kissing going on. When I asked her about it, she said something like ‚kissing is okay, but no tongue‘. What a total lie!

Additionally she is about as spirited as a sleeping pill and appears to be almost mute. She seemed totally passive and lacked all enthusiasm, like a block of ice. Since I had paid already, didn’t want any conflict and despite it all had managed a hard-on, so I decided to spray my cum fast, which worked out alright and then to get dressed and leave the place. There was of course no after-sex-talk. Visually her appearance roughly matches the online pics, Service: Grade F, chances of me returning: 0%. What a waste of my cash. I hope none of you readers get ripped-off like I did.“

*Name changed

Source: Ladies Forum. 19.03.2013. Accessed 25.08.2018.AO Huren Trans Passiv Lustlos

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