Scammers belong in the streets

Saunaclub Acapulco, Velbert near Düsseldorf, 2017


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„Beware of Ceylan*!!!! A turkish, very pretty blond lady with tattoos, named Ceylan, she cheats the customers out of their money. Everything always hurts, you’re supposed to cum real quick and to top it all off she asks for X euros for 20 minutes and X bucks for half an hour. She meets all the [bad] clichés of the business and is all out to rip you off. There’s nothing worse in the trade. It’s the worse experienced I’ve ever had in a club. Otherwise I’d be rating the place 4 to 5 stars. I complained about her… I hope it’ll accomplish something**. Such girls should seriously be on the streets instead of damaging the image of such pretty clubs.“

*Name changed

**instead of reporting clear signs of a woman not wishing to be in prostitution to the authorities, buyers report to the brothel owners/pimps. Let that sink in for a moment…

In 2012 a pimp who had been prostituting a Thai woman inside the Acapulco for years was sentenced to 6 years in prison for violently attacking and planning to kill her.

Source: Google Maps. 2017. Accessed 12.10.2018.

Saunaclub Acapulco

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