Poor thing branded with tattoos

Paradiso Pulheim, Cologne, 2010


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„So I went all the way downstairs into the basement, showered and went back up into the stuffy contact-room. Stayed to watch the comings-and-goings for a while and finally spotted a black-haired Romanian, who was not partaking in the chatter and bawling of her colleagues, but instead sat in a corner and occasionally shyly looked my way. Now I have to admit that she was not my usual type of prey. Unfortunately I forgot her name, too, so let’s just call her ‚Anna‘: Pretty unremarkable, Milf [Mother I’d Like to Fuck] type, black hair, about 168 cm, about 68 kg, bra size about 80C and poorly made tattoos on her arms and legs – not a lot of pictures, but many letters and numbers, as though each pimp had branded the poor thing personally after ‚buying‘ her.“

Source: Freiermagazin. 2010. Accessed October 18th, 2018.

Paradiso Pulheim Freiermagazin 2010X

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