Pimp guards like a shepherd-dog

FKK Pompeji, Nuremberg, 2018


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„Hello to all my fellow comrades at the Pompeji. Managed to take a detour to the Pompeji recently and was hoping to relax. Sadly it turns out that place is not as all like I remember it: All night they play nothing but Romanian music which really gets on your nerves, because there’s plenty of beautiful music to play from all over the world. Then I noticed this guy – probably a pimp – who acts like he’s in charge of the girls, always monitoring them and constantly talking on the phone. Made me feel watched, too, like a shepherd dog whose got his eyes on you. That beautiful club has really turned into a Romanian joint, where they speak nothing but Romanian. Too bad, too bad, that they’ve decided to orient themselves towards one kind of client base, although so many beautiful girls from other places and countries exist out there.“

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 13.04.2018. Accessed 14.10.2018.

FKK Pompeji 2017 Lusthaus

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