Very hectic, no joy or sensuality

Rote Rosen, Ulm, 2016


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„Nola* – weak performance at the Rote Rosen in Ulm: … if you can even call that a performance. I picked sexy Nola. At least I think that’s what I did looking at the pics afterwards, because she didn’t introduce herself. [Link censored]. Her service was lacking greatly. Wasn’t allowed to touch her. She didn’t get undressed, just pulled up her skirt a bit, so that I could fuck her. Her ad sad that she’s totally shaven, but no, she hadn’t shaved at all! It was very hectic, there as no joy and no sensuality. Am never going back to that place!“

*name changed

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 22.12.2016. Accessed 18.10.2018.

Rote Rosen Ulm 2016

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