Place needs a thoroughbred pimp

Club Cleopatra, Bonn, 2017

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On a punter forum men are discussing why prostituted women at the Club Cleopatra won’t submit to their demands and deliberate if it may be, because the brothel owner/pimp in charge isn’t tough enough:

User 1: „I think that the boss of that place was just managing too many business at the same time to really care for his Cleobaby. Did a bit of gastronomy, bit of car-sale, real-estate, new brothel, etc. something was bound to be neglected. And he’s gotta enjoy life, too, drive around in his Ferrari, go on vacation, walk the dog. That’s why he hired Ole*. Not easy in this business to find a guy who will play the head of business, because if e.g. something goes wrong – that guy has a lot of awful duties to attend to. Ole was the wrong guy for the job. He’s not a thoroughbred pimp, whose got his girls under control, he’s just a harmless dude. Sorry.“

User 2: „That’s why they have Ole – meaning ‚had‘, because he’s not there anymore or the place is actually closed down. Don’t really wanna go there again to check though, because of my negative experiences there and them threatening me to ban me. Ole was a really nice dude, whom you could chat with. Got the impression though, that he does not have the girls under control. Of course they all work independently, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have rules to stick, too, and that quality of service needs to be ensured, meaning if those criteria aren’t met, the girls might as well stay home. Other clubs do the same. So is that place closed now or still up and running?“

User 3: „Ole was okay. Every club needs a ‚public face‘ and he was always pleasant and entertaining. He as a person is/was never a problem for the guests. The core problem was always the lack of discipline from the women, who showed very little dedication to perform their service and prefered to play Candy Crush all bored, instead of taking care of the guests and the constant changing of the theme of that place, considering the pricing, didn’t do much good either.“

*pimp name changed

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 2017. Accessed 14.01.2018.Clepoatra, NRW, Lusthaus,

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