Deflowered an 18-year-old teen fucktoy

Apartment brothel, Regensburg, 2011.

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„Regensburg – Karisa* felt like teen defloration: So, yesterday I tested this out and bull’s eye. Teen-gal with a petite figure and small titties. No German-proficiency, she even had to consult a cheat sheet to name me her prices. Didn’t need much time to decide though, after all it was X euros for 30 minutes including condomless fellatio. Apartment is spacious and clean. Includes a couch and armchair for customer use.

Extensive fellatio without condom, then french kissing, very girlfriend-sex like. Put a condom on for penetration, but used no lube. Everytime I penetrated her she moaned like I was deflowering her. Pleasurably and definetly not fake. She was very tight, but unfortantely a bit dry. Threetimes I broke the condom, but she was chill about it. Made out a lot and fucked all over the apartment furniture. Through the whole thing she seemed pretty happy.

Finally ejaculated on her back during doggie on the couch, what a little assy, the bomb. Afterwards she did a skillfull oil massage to relax me, now that’s what I call proper service. Total time: 45 minutes. She’s new and so inexperienced she accidently gave me too much change. Conclusion: She really is 18 years old, has an innocent aura and does the whole service palette except anal and conversation. Teen fucktoy for real. Chances of me returning: 100%. Cheers.“

2 months later:

„So I went to see her a third time and can see that the advent season has really left marks on her. Not just the christmas tree, that was still in the room… It seems she frequents McDonalds, at least indicated by the bags in the kitchen. She’s gotten rid of her cheat sheet, too, instead she’s now got a translator, whose German is passable. If you don’t mind that that woman sits next door, while you’re doing it…

Despite Karisa’s apathetic expression and normal outfit I went for the 30 minute service for X euros. Was totally satisfied this time around, too. This time I even got to ejaculate in her mouth. Can still recommend, even though she’s put on some weight. But she seems to like it in Regensburg, because her friend (translator) lives her, too. In order to keep the customer flow going, one has to offer good service and she definetly does that. So if you ever find your favoured lady occupied, Karisa is a safe bet. Greetings.“

*Name changed

Source: Ladies Forum. 26.11.2011. Accessed 17.09.2018.

Terminwohnung Regensburg 2011Terminwohnung Regensburg 2011B

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