Apathetic sex with a corpse

Apartment brothel, Regensburg, 2013

„Betont lustlos, Kopf zur Seite, Sex mit Leiche.“ - Eng

indexZz Deutsch

„Usually I’m here to praise and make recommendations und I kind of thought that because of my [kind-hearted] nature, rip-offs wouldn’t happen to me. Well… it started out great. Pleasant phone call, friendly welcome, small-talk, opportunity to shower. The price negotiations should have raised my suspicion. She wanted X euro for half an hour. That’s the time frame I wanted anyway, but usually the pricing for that is around X bucks. Oh, well. Since she looked like her online pics and the small talk had been nice – she’s from Upper Silesia [Poland] – so things looked good.

Since having had a tough day at work, I asked her for a (back!) massage and she complied. Then I turned around and she put a rubber on me to get started with a massage coupled with some oral-play. That wasn’t so great, at least I’ve had considerably better in Regensburg, but the real turn-off came after: At some point she just lay down on her back and said: ‚I’m pretty tired, can’t do much anymore.‘ Legs were spread but… she was explicitly apathetic, her head turned to the side, it was ’sex with a corpse‘. Some time later I asked how much time was left and she replied: ’10 minutes‘. I pulled out and saw we had to start the job all over: ‚So then we should start over again‘. She said: ‚But all I can do now is by hand – it’s not good for you to come over, when you’re this tired, because now we’ve only got 5 minutes, because you still have to get dressed and there’s another one coming after you. This would have turned out better if you had booked the full hour.‘

The whole thing ended unsatisfactory with a discussion about the service she had provided (‚But I stuck it out the whole 30 minutes‘) and me asking her, if she’s actively trying to repell potential long-term clients, since she’s permentantly stationed at Regensburg. ‚I’ve got enough of those‘. Me: ‚But you can’t just tell me that you’re tired when I’ve paid X euros!‘ (I was really surprised) She: ‚I’m not tired. I’ll be going to a fitness studio later‘. Of course anyone’s allowed to have a bad day, no one always has to be cheerful and sometimes the chemistry just isn’t right (I have to emphasize that I’m always polite!), but considering all the claims in her ad Marie* should be able to deal considerably better with complaints. The only thing that’s true about her ad text is that I’ll never forget this date.“ 😡

*Name changed

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 2013. Accessed 15.09.2018.

Ladies Regensburg Lustlos Leiche

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