Lying hookers are just commodities


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„Money in return for fucking. So far so good. What I’m absolutely fucking done with are the bullshit stories about the poor sick father, the sick daughter, the oh so expensive student fees, a supposed illness she has or whatever else – I can’t hear that shit anymore… How are they not embarrassed by their own ridiculous tall tales? A sex service provider who used to work at the Heaven told me for years that she was studying to become a dentist in Italy and this was terribly expensive. Well, now she’s got a hubbie to poke her and works in a factory in Nuremberg. So much for that medical degree… 😀 😀 A few white lies are okay, but they always gotta exaggerate…

Another Nuremberg sex service provider pretended to be this luxury girl. She supposedly had an apartment in Dubai, Australia and London. Yeah right, that’s why she was spreading her legs for X euros in Nuremberg. After our appointment she claimed to be flying to London the same night. Because I was traveling to London myself during that time I knew that there were no more flights going there that night. She couldn’t even name the airport at which she would be arriving. I blew her cover and it really killed the mood.

I say, as long as no one’s getting hurt – fuck it. But there are people who have a conscience and I am one of these idiots, who always wants to see the good in people. When one of us then helps on of these women out financially, it turns out all we did was pay for another Mercedes for her pimp. That’s when the fun stops.

I’m well aware that hookers lie, but there were a number of these ’sad stories‘ I heard where I considered that the person in question might really need help. I’m going to avoid that in the future 100%. That’s what two recent cases taught me. I’m respectful, everyone who knows me knows that, but in the future I will treat these girls as commodities. As services. Money in exchange for goods. End of story.“

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 15.04.2017. Accessed 25.10.2018.

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