She blocks me, she’s hurting

Unknown brothel, Fulda, 2011


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“[…] We go onto the bed and stroke each other and spoil each other with kisses covering the whole body. So far, so good, next I wanna lick her… Initially she lets me, but after 2-3 minutes she keeps pulling her hips away from me and babbles something along the lines of: ‘Not that long, that’s enough.’ She says she doesn’t like it for such a long-time, cuz I’m licking her without protection and she doesn’t blow me without a rubber, so… oh damn… Same with kissing, cuz if someone smokes, she can’t really separate that in her head… because bacteria, etc. Sure, that’s what’s going on… Well, I don’t care, I asked her before if she’d let me lick her or not. Alright, I’ll stop…

She then asks me to lie down on my back and strokes and kisses my body, finally putting on a rubber. She then blows me, while I let my fingers play around her slit, was okay. After 2-3 minutes I ask for a change in position and move to missionize her, which she keeps trying to block, so I wouldn’t penetrate her too deeply… that was no fun and so I wanted to take her sideways.

She screams: ‘No! Not while lying down… not from the side either…’ Oh, maaaan. She wants me to take her doggy-style. Oh well, so I put it in from behind, but she positions herself in such a way, that it is hard to penetrate her at all and well, you could notice that she didn’t want to fuck at all. After just one minute she began babbling again… and saying ‘ouch’… and pulled her hips away again, squirmed and more… Okay, I stop, no point to this with all her whining. She asks for doggy-style… okay… no missionary, no lying down, no licking… So I tell her, why doesn’t she get on top again…? Ah, she whines some more… and reluctantly climbs on top of me.

So, well, she moved up and down like 5 times, then tells me I gotta do some work, too. So I tell her, I’ve paid after all to get some service, it’s not like she paid me, so she should do some riding now, that’d be good enough for me and imma just keep lying down. Well, she gets pissed, tells me I should take a good look at the clock… our time is supposedly almost up. So far barely 20 minutes have actually past… but she tells me: ‘No! It’s been 30!’ So, I tell her that’s impossible, but if she’s really not into it, we can stop it here, as it is no longer any fun for me either with her constant nagging and because it had gotten quite hot, and so on, and so on…”

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 2011. Accessed 29.10.2018.

Fulda Bordell 2011 A

Fulda Bordell 2011 B

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