Bored women void of emotion

FKK Oase, Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt, 2018


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„September 2018: Hands off and keep your dicks away, complete rip-off! 99% of the Romanian girls aren’t really pretty, seems like they simply get hired for their big tits. They annoy you all the time, get super aggressive and pushy. You can’t even have two-minutes uninterrupted conversation with your friend. The recipient and barkeeper are totally arrogant and rude. The ambience is wanna-be ‚Trump meets Italy for poor people‘. The music is that horrible Romanian dance-folklore that makes you want to run away. If you don’t take a girl up to a private room, they act all offended.

But the real rip-off starts once you get to the private room. You’re supposed to get a whole thirty minutes, but if you don’t cum after 5 minutes, the ladies get restless and hectic. They are also super rude, if you don’t go for a more expensive ’set‘ than then standard X euro package. Everything costs extra and I mean everything. It’s a miracle that you’re still allowed to keep your eyes open during sex without paying extra for it. During sex the women are void of emotion and bored like a stone, which is a real boner-killer. It’s more fun to rub one off at home and it’s cheaper, too! Will never visit again!!!“

Source: Google Maps. 2018. Accessed 14.08.2018.

FKK Oase, Friedrichsdorf bei Frankfurt, 2018 2

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