She did some fake moaning

Paradiso Pulheim, near Cologne, 2010


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„The first room I completed with Adriana*, Romanian, pretty face, ponytail, slim, hot tasty ass, about 55 kg, 165 cm, bust size about 75B. She didn’t spent much time on stroking me, instead she immediately put a condom on my device and began to suck and jerk it. Then she lay down on her back and said ‚Fuck now!‘. So I fucked her, first slowly, then faster, while she did some fake moaning. Pressure was high though, so I had soon done my duty and the juice was well inside the latex. Hastily she pulled the rubber of my device and cleaned it roughly. Then she grabbed her clothes and hurried into the bathroom.

I have to say: I have been treated far more nicely and been serviced far better in other places. Looks = 80%, Girlfriend-Sex-Factor = 5%, Kissing = 0%, Fingering = 0%, Service = 30%, Chances of me returning = 5%.“

*name changed

Source: Freiermagazin. 2010. Accessed 18.10.2018.

Paradiso Pulheim Freiermagazin 20102

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