Job kills the girls‘ souls


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Citation: „The reality is that this job essentially kills the soul of a lot of girls over time – alcohol and drugs are then used to numb the pain. Punters, who go home with a feeling of emptiness in their soul after having completed the act and having emptied their purse… either to be lonely again once inside their four-walls… or thinking about how to explain their absence to their wife. There are victims on both sides of the equation and there’s no real winner, but that’s just my personal subjective opinion.”

Reply: “At least the experiences as described by [username censored] I personally can confirm. Feeling exactly the way he puts it is how I often go home… soul drained, money gone. And in the following days I’m endlessly haunted by the question as to why I keep doing this shit. | Gotta quit the paysex, ‘cause I won’t collect riches. If I blow my hard-earned cash on da hoes and bitches.”

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 19.01.2014. Accessed 29.10.2018.

paysex macht selten glücklich

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