Brothel air: Smoke, Sweat, Blood

Eros Center, Neu-Ulm, 2018

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„Because I was curious I decided to pay a spontaneous visit to the Eros-Center (formerly known as Pascha) at the [address censored] next to the FKK Safari. Yep, that place still exists. Was surprised myself when the glass doors opened for me. The place looks so run-down and empty one could have presumed it had closed down.

The typical brothel air – a mixture of cigarette smoke, stale air, heat, sweat and blood – was barely noticeable. Maybe due to the fact that there were almost no visitors there. 😀 Only five rooms were occupied (of about 25-30) and not a single customer besides me was anywhere in sight. I gotta point out that I was visiting during what’s usually considered brothel rush hour – meaning late evening. 😀 Other than that not much has changed in the Eros Center over the last years – even the many small ashtrays that line the corridors between the private rooms are still there. Dim lighting, lots of red on the walls and the floor. The walls are also lined with some nice-looking brothel pics – but that didn’t improve the overall look of the place much.

The ladies: A black one, a Thai, an older one in a leather costume with short blond hair, an older Latina and an Eastern-European. So the line-up was pretty international and diverse – in stark contrast to what you find at the Safari next door (meaning practically only Romanians and Bulgarians). Of course they were giving you the usual brothel talk treatment: ‚…ey, you… wait a minute… wanna come in… come here… come inside… good blowjob, good fucking… I’ll treat you right… I’ll let you do it from behind… not expensive… how about it…‘. 😀

Prices: Start at X euros. According to a pricing sheet that the ’short blondie‘ had every ‚extra‘ cost X euro, though it wasn’t clear to me what they mean by ‚extra‘. ‚Undressing‘ and ‚touching‘ were included as extras on the price list. 😀 If you want them to do anal on you it’s a whopping X euro (every room was well stocked with dildos in various sizes). 😀 Russian massage for X euro, etc. In other words: Rip-off-alert! In various rooms they also had giant dildos, whips and other dominatrix equipment – so that’s probably why they still get any customer inflow at all.

Went without getting shagged. I’m not a living test object for a place like that.“

In 2007 a 31-year-old prostituted woman was murdered inside the Eros Center Neu-Ulm.

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 01.06.2018. Accessed 22.10.2018.

Eros Center Neu-Ulm 2018 Lusthaus Forum

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