Breaking in hurt her lots

Escort, Cologne, 2009


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Citation: „The request to use a condom is just a formality. After I shook my head at her she put that annoying combat gear away. Though I reckon you can’t go hardcore on her.“

Reply: „Be thankful that us guys over in the Rhinelands laid the groundwork for you 😀 – when Alyssa* was still being shared around from the [agency name censored] it took quite the effort to convince her to put that rubber back into her purse. Anal wasn’t easy either. I had specifically made [pimp name censored] assure me that Alyssa would offer up her little bum hole, but she evidently didn’t know she was supposed to. 😀 Anyways she wanted to hear it straight from [pimp name censored] over the phone that she really had to. Even though I have thrust into tighter assholes before, the anal breaking in hurt her a lot… But with the necessary bit of pressure I was quite able to take her hardcore-style during the following dates.“ 😀

*Name changed

Source: AO Huren Forum. 12.03.2009. Access date unknown.

köln vergewaltigung

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