Animal keeps consulting her pimp

Apartment brothel, Mansfeld, 2014


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„Stay away from this maiden: I booked this animal once. Her apartment stinks more of cat piss than a pet shelter. Additionally the bed is broken and placed on top of bricks and the so-called execution matrace is so flithy, that you can catch all kinds of things. She wasn’t shaven – even though I specifically demanded that – and she smelled worse than a fish shop between her legs. Further she kept trying to get me to pay extra after doing it and had to keep consulting her boyfriend/protector or pimp. I put this review on her profile, but it was deleated within 2 days.“

Source: Sachsen Forum 19.10.2014. Accessed 11.01.2019.sachsen forum mansfeld terminwohnung am 11-01-2019 x1 kopie

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