Warming-up street prostitutes is charity

Street prostitution Hansastraße, Munich, 2016


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„Street curb Hansastraße: Greetings valued fellow pokers*. 😀 I’ve noticed, that the girls from the Hansastreet have barely been noticed on here. So I know that there used to be a lot of ripping-off going on there, rather than anything else. But today all you got are young women from Hungary, sometimes so thinly clothed, that it amounts to Christian charity to take them inside a warm place and warm them up with your body for half an hour or so. Which is something I do routinely and have been doing for over two years now and so far not one has tried conning me by only pretending to be penetrated. Considering Munich pricing the prices are moderate: X euros for 20 minutes, X or rather X – depending on the gal – for 30 minutes. For X euros they’ll climb on top of you or let you climb on top of them and she’ll blow you, if you go for the full half hour you get both.

The service is pretty decent, if you’ve known the gal for a bit and it’s not your first time, then they trust you more. Other than that the beds are a catastrophe and the matraces are a joy for hobby-pathologists, you can see traces of the previous guy’s sperm. Haven’t had any girlfriend-sex there yet, but like I said, you get your juices out, which is alright and considering Munich pricing it’s rather affordable. So I find this a decent alternative. I also like that the girls look slutty, but still ordinary enough. Meaning you can imagine that you’re just picking up a young gal, which is neat. I give the gals on the Hansa a B- on average, none of the Hungarians are level C. So not bad at all, unlike the Hamburg or German hobby-whores and the standards they’ve been establishing. Have you also had these experiences? Are you interested in more reports about individuals girls or is this enough about the Hansa for now?“

*poking as in sexual penetration

Source: Lusthaus Forum. 13.12.2016. Accessed 08.01.2019.

lusthaus straßenstrich münchen

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