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Holed into her teenie body

Apartment brothel, Kassel, 2017

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OP: „Kassel – Lilo* – good number: Hi again, discovered this cute gal last weekend and was keen to get to know her. I booked her for X euro for 30 minutes, including fellatio without a condom on myself and her, plus intercourse and got quite the neat number. She’s quite good-looking, her hair is dyed blond and she’s got cute little pointed titties. I used the bathroom like always and we got started with fellatio without a condom on me. She did good work, so I slowly felt my way down to her love cave, which was very fresh and tasted very well (at 10 o’clock in the morning it did).

The longer I pleasured her, the harder she pushed her legs against my head and enjoyed herself very much. Put a condom on and then holed it in. She was built real tiny with her teenie body, but she did not complain about my member once. I was so horny, it didn’t take long and I jacked off in missionary till I came. Then she cleaned everything up and we got dressed. Was very nice and there were no complaints from her. I think she actually looks better IRL.

Looks: A- (titties were too small, but still somehow found her hot)
Service: A- (no french kissing, but everything else was very good and she stayed friendly)
Hygiene: A (every part of her was very clean and fresh)
Chances of me returning: 100%, sadly didn’t get to do any doggy though.“

Other user: „Hello [Username],is Lilo’s butt really as well-shaped as shown in her pic?“

OP: „Yeah, it’s a good one, but she’s gone to Saarbrücken for now… IRL she looks a bit different (different hair color). But if you’re looking for the perfect bottom, take a look at Kelly*. 😉 “

*Names changed

Source: Ladies Forum. 28.01.-06.02.2017. Accessed 08.10.2018.

Escort Kassel 2017AEscort Kassel 2017B

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