Ladies want things over fast


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„I don’t really get why we’re on here talking/chatting about [pleasure on the side of the woman during anal intercourse]… Never experienced that – but I’ve never had a barn-door-like service provider with the nickname ‚anal sex princess‘. It might be the case with them. I like very small, very petite women! And even if they offer anal, I’ve never seen enthusiasm in their faces when asking for it. On the other hand they never refused a repetition, so I don’t reckon there’s cause for concern here.

And as far as I’ve experienced, within this profession pain often goes a long with regular intercourse or even with oral – the ladies simply want to get things over with fast. Feel free to read that on all the forums. We can, therefore, never be sure if its real pain or just another tactic to cut things short. Maybe things are different for casanovas, with skills that far surpass the average guy’s. But I’m not on that skill level and neither is anyone I know.“

Source: Ladies Forum. 27.06.2015. Accessed 19.08.2018.

AO Huren Anal tut halt weh

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